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Why this software is uploading our accounts to your server?

ReplyThanks 2017/10/15 15:03:19 1 0

Why since recent version update our accounts are being uploaded to your server?? Are you trying to steal accounts of users?

Too many tracking request in this software!

Before this never happen please change this! No where it says our accounts will go to your server but now they do!

2017/10/15 15:47:55

I'm sorry for that.

We don't steal accounts of users.

Our programmers are will update asap.

Please wait news.

2017/10/17 08:12:34
The update nothing change! Only more bug and still send account to your server!!!! That so it is ILLEGAL for you to take our account and password to your server without our permission!!!!
2017/10/17 15:51:24

We are updating it now.

Please wait sometime, then update it to the lasted version.

2017/10/18 23:34:38
2 update pass and not change. I think you thought customers here are stupid. Put back to how it work before. This is not the same and I want my account only in my database not in yours. I am sure all users feel the same but they do not know what you are doing, very unethical practice. Update in 2.2.4 or so this start to happen and you are taking our accounts to your server!
2017/10/19 15:07:43

There is no risk, because we encrypted your information before uploading them, and it is only a match of the local data and server data when you run the software each time ,and did not steal your account information.

The reason why we did this is that there was a cracked version of the software, so we have to give more verification to prevent the crack version of the growth when start the software or run the task.

Wish you can understand us.

2017/10/20 11:15:18
It is not acceptable excuse. To fix you your program of crack you take your users accounts??? That is very poor and illegal solution! You not inform users of this change and no where we agree you can have our account in your server. Take our accounts off your server!
2017/10/20 14:49:26

Illegal solution?

No,we are only try to solve the problem as much as possible.

We just upload some data of your account to our server, the local server also retain part of the account information (including passwords),we encrypted your information before uploading them, so we can not steal your account.,also your accounts information won't be leaked.

2017/10/20 15:13:45
Yes it is illegal because NO USER gave you permissions to take accounts to your server. YOU do it without permission just as a virus does. it is ILLEGAL anywhere for such practice without USER PERMISSION!
2017/10/20 15:23:20
Before you said it will change in 2 update it did not change so as well you are lying to that. How can we trust a company who tell lies and do not ASK us permission to take our account to the server to solve their crack problem??????????????????????? Crack problem is not your user problem so do not involve our accounts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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