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Can't show to debug window

ReplyThanks 2017/10/12 08:11:16 0 0

Dear WhiteHatBox Support,

I just bought Facebook version from Followinglike.com. I tried to do the simple task that search a user from Facebook and then add friend from the result of searching. However, it didn't work. I also try to looking for the debug window to find where is wrong in my task, but I couldn't find this function. Could you please help me check this issue.

Best Regards,

Tam Hoang

2017/10/12 17:38:01

Did you set this one? Also please show the screenshots of all your settings.

2017/10/12 20:44:52

Hi Elsaeyer,

Thanks for your support. I turn on this option already. However, it show some steps only, instead the detail of all steps in my task. So when something don't work as expected, I don't know where I go wrong to fix the issue. This morning, I tried to find a user by email, I can do this task easily on the browser of my computer as well as from my mobile phone. However, I got the incorrect user from FollowingLike. So I fell confuse with my defined task. It's better if I have a window to debug step-by-step in my task, then I can optimize my task to make it work properly.

Best Regards,

Tam Hoang

2017/10/13 09:33:03

There will be not a debug window in some tasks.

So can you please send your task to me, and i will check it for you.

2017/10/16 09:52:32

HI Elsaeyer,

Please find my task in the attachment of this post. I couldn't find my facebook account via email when I use FollowingLike, but I can do it on the browser of my mobile & computer as well.

find people

Best Reagards,

Tam Hoang

2017/10/16 17:51:20

I have tested your task ,it run successfully on our side.

So i can't understand your problem well.

Can you show me the screenshot of your error?

You can see this picture:

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