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can i do all these in one task?

ReplyThanks 2017/10/10 00:46:21 1 0

Hi I'm trying to do the following in one task.

like a photo (from specific hashtags) =>comment on that photo=>follow the user.

I did try to set a task to do so but it didn't work. I either set the steps wrong or mess the setting in each step. take a lo0k the screenshot.

can someone please help!

2017/10/10 12:02:47
Can you please export your task, then send it to us? We will check if your task is correct.
2017/10/11 03:23:50

I have managed to put some tasks up but I'm not sure if they are the most efficient.

I also made a task to unfollow people who are not following back. But the unfollow function is extremely slow.

would heck that one as well please!

my laptop is corei7 with 16gb ram by the way!


2017/10/11 15:19:41

Hello, i just tested your tasks, both of them were run successfully.

So can you show me the screenshot of your error?

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