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FB like bot not liking after update

ReplyThanks 2017/10/05 16:14:21 1 0
hi guys, the FB like bot isn't liking anymore after the update. i didn't change any of my settings!
2017/10/06 04:05:50

Same here

2017/10/07 10:33:17

I'm sorry that we are in a our big holiday, so the reply will be slower than usual.

I will give your details later.

Please wait a moment.

2017/10/10 19:44:01
this really sucks!!! i bought 5 licences for INSTGRAM. NOTHING is working!!!!! the accounts are disappearing and you cannot enter it a second time, there is an error message, but it pops up too short to read it. my facebook licence is gone after I entered the new instagramm licence key... NOTHING WORKS!!!!! I NEED SUPPORT NOW!!!!
2017/10/11 14:06:42

I just tested the FB like function, it can run successfully.

So can you show me the screenshot of your settings?

I will check it for you.

2017/10/11 19:01:31
more important is INSTAGRAM! my account users are gone and I cannot set them again. can you logon to my desktop with PC anywhere???
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