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Why won't BotChief Editor return "True" in IF statement, when button control is found as "Success" when saved in Find Control?

ReplyThanks 2017/09/30 12:21:51 0 0

I'm in developer version of botchief editor.

When I use the "Find Control" function (for a follow button), I save it as "Button" (as a control variable).
Then I write an IF statement.
When I test the control variable in the IF statement it keeps returning as False when it should be "True".
How can I get it to return "True" when it just found the control displsayed the "Success" message?
2017/09/30 17:06:25

Can you please show us where the follow button did you need to click? We will go to check it for you.

Please post your question in the correct forum next time. Thank you

2017/10/01 01:36:40

2017/10/01 01:40:11

This is the control it selects...

2017/10/09 18:59:25

Can you please send us the website link? We will go to test it for you.

You should post your content in BotChief forum.

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