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How to Like Posts of Followers of Other Accounts ? - Instagram

ReplyThanks 2017/09/28 03:02:55 1 0

1. How can I avoid following private Users ?

2. How can I like only pictures with no more than 10 likes?

3. How can I limit maximum number of likes per user to 1 ?

4. How can I like posts of followers of other accounts?

thank you


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2017/09/28 14:53:30

1. private Users?What's the meaning?

2.there is a condition"the number of photos likes at least be",but no

3.Setting the search amount to 1 in the search photos module and run times to 1 in like module

4.Search users---search followers----search photos by users---like

2017/09/28 22:42:08

Thank you for your response.

1. I mean users who switched their profile to private

2017/09/29 15:51:40

Yes, you can add a User Filter module before following. Then select "private" in Filter out accounts.

2017/10/02 11:06:32
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