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Need Help with Tubeassistpro

ReplyThanks 2017/09/16 16:14:40 0 0
I have done everything right in task manager but I still get search failed in message screen.Please help me.I want more youtube subscribers and views.
2017/09/18 14:24:58

1. go to check if your account is normal in AccountManager tab. Please clear the cache before you check the account

2. Please make sure the keyword you filled in can be search out result in your browser.

2017/09/23 22:53:09
I'm also receiving this error, I have cleared cache, checked the account which appears normal and placed a search keyword that I am able to find in youtube. Is this a known issue or is something wrong on my end?
2017/09/25 15:34:57


Is your account language English?

Try to change your account language to English. Then check if it works.

2017/10/01 13:10:06
Sorry posted twice before seeing this, yes I am having the same problem no matter what task i have set. Always stops.
2017/10/02 17:43:46

What kind of task are you running please? You can export your task, then send it to us. We will check it for you.

What do you mean always stop? Your task cannot run? Any more details to show us please?

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