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ReplyThanks 2017/09/16 06:42:58 0 0
Yesterday I made a post because the the search followers module Didn't work... today the follow module don't work, what is happening? I just bought this software I really need to work. The module is giving the same error as yesterday, it's just blank and when I click ok it gives me an error... please fix it as soon as you can.
2017/09/16 16:58:31

im also waiting from them to respond my instagram module (search users), hope they solved this or if we are not using the module in right way perhaps they can give the correct step to do it..

2017/09/18 14:40:44

Can you show me the screenshot of your settings?

I have tested it on our side,it seems no problem.

2017/09/19 13:30:14
what is the condition we need to choose move the row to the last for the how to delete data after fetch? in the text task you choose that, mine is default which is dont delete.
2017/09/19 16:15:39
Yes,all default settings are don't delete.

The different setting depend on different tasks, you can set it you need.

For example,there are two keywords in the text module of my task, i set it to "Move the row to the last", the first time i run it,it will search ins and get a result; the second time i run it, it will search swimming and get a result.

That is to say, if you have many keywords, you can select "Move the row to the last" to search them one by one.
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