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example task

ReplyThanks 2017/09/13 20:39:46 0 0
No choice can be made, it is empty!

because you do not make a number of different examples, on use of this software, which is not so intuitive, for use with facebook.
2017/09/13 23:59:47

I have the same issue it seems like non of the functions work as advertised

also my version doesn't have the check boxes to select the friend type that would be really useful for me please advise

2017/09/14 16:50:08

You need to add a URL module before the Search module:

Here are some toturis abou it, if there is any problem ,please contact us, we will help you as much as we can.

2017/09/14 22:22:31
Probably the software has many potentialities, but without concrete examples, it is not possible to move on. What's on youtube is an old version and the examples are too simple.

I put the images in the hope that you correct the mistakes.

As you can see, the software already returns error in searching for friends.

2017/09/16 03:49:27

Hi I am still having issues with this. Most of the time the module search friends does not work, sometimes it opens a debug but the webpage it navigates to says page does not exist that is my friends page.

2017/09/17 01:13:27

"search friends" module have settled.

But as you can see the "like friends your page" module,

it does not work.

Any suggestions?

2017/09/20 06:50:09
Bump! up Looking for same help
2017/09/20 16:29:33

Currently the "invite friends to like your page" module can only to like other user's page but not yourself page.

We will update it asap, please wait patiently.

2017/09/22 22:33:24
Then do not call it "like your page"
2017/09/23 17:35:26


It is to invite your friends to like your page. You can find the same function in Facebook too.

Is there any problem for this function please?

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