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Will This Make me unfollow My Instagram Followers?

ReplyThanks 2017/09/10 13:41:59 0 0
I want to use this software but the people I already follow, I dont want the followlike to unfollow my following. I want to use followlike to follow people then to unfollow the people i Follow. I dont want it to unfollow all the people I've been following on instagram before the use of this software .
2017/09/11 18:46:56
So what you need is to unfollow the one who do not follow back you? And this user was followed in the program but not from your account following list?
2017/09/15 16:30:59
Sorry for the confusion... So right now on my instagram I have 444 people I'm following and my followers are 1237. This is all from not using your software. So now that I brought your software I want to use it but I dont want the 444 people I follow to disappear if I am to use this software to follow people then to unfollow them. But I only want to unfollow those people not the 444 people in my following
2017/09/20 18:05:34

You can search people then follow first, then do the unfollow operation. So your previous following won't change.

2017/09/21 12:47:12
Okay I will try it out later tomorrow when I get the chance... Just wanted to make sure that my previous following wouldnt change... thanks
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