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Dismy Pos

Posting to FB groups

ReplyThanks 2017/09/04 01:32:25 0 0
I managed to set up posting to groups using a URL. I have set up 3 groups, however my post gets repeated on the first group only and not to the other groups. If I delete the first group in the URL, then it gets posted to the second group only, but not to the remaining one.
What setting do I have wrong? Thanks,
Dismy Pos
2017/09/04 14:28:07
There is an option(how to fetch data) in the URL module,did you select "random row" ?
Dismy Pos
2017/09/04 19:01:30

I have now selected "random row" in the URL mode.

There are 13 URL's loaded. The post was only sent to 3 of the URL's but repeated 3x in one group and 2x each in 2 other groups.
Can you please help?

Dismy Pos
Dismy Pos
2017/09/04 20:20:43
I tried again to post, this time to 6 groups and the programme did not post more than once to the same group as before, but it only posted in to 4 of the 6 groups. Any idea why, please?
Dismy Pos
Dismy Pos
2017/09/04 20:29:31

Tested it again, this time with the 2 groups it did not post to in the previous test. Now it again reposted 2x to one group and not to the other group at all. The setting "Run All Source" is checked in all test postings.

Dismy Pos
2017/09/05 11:37:47

Did you want to post to all groups but not repeated?

Show us the screenshot of your task settings, or export your task, and send it to us. We will check and edit it for you.

Dismy Pos
2017/09/05 16:01:22
Dismy Pos
Dismy Pos
2017/09/05 16:02:31