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I want my Refund - Poor support - Spun support tickets

ReplyThanks 2017/08/31 16:06:04 0 0


If you want a product with high quality support I would not recommend this product.

I have been literally fobbed off for MONTHS with the line of:


Our team leaders are very busy. So probably they missed your mail.

I will inform them again. Please wait for the news.


OR a variations like... (maybe they are using Spinner chief to create the responses and just ignoring support tickets)


So sorry for the inconveninence.

I will inform our team leaders to deal with it asap. Please wait for the news.


I was also told told to contact support via the email address, which I did, I received 1 email asking for my paypal account which I sent and then it went silent, all of my emails then ignored. It was then back to the spun support ticket responses.

Pathetic. I wouldn't waste your money on this product, the makers do not care about a quality service at all!

2017/08/31 17:45:26

Maybe we ignored your emails before,we apologized for this,

But what happened or what's your problem? Can you tell us again?

you can tell us here or email to support@whitehatbox.com

I promised you that we will help you as possible.

2017/09/02 18:33:52

The latest spun response...

"Sorry, they must forget again. I will inform them again."

Quality service...why is this taking MONTHS??????

2017/09/03 12:09:26
What is wrong ?
Let's ROCK!
2017/09/03 16:13:30

What is wrong?...

I have been told the same line since June:



I already forwarded this to him, i am still waiting for his news.

So sorry for the inconvenience.


Dated "2017-06-17"

It is now September and I am getting the same responses..

I have also been ignored after being told to send emails to the support inbox, receiving just 1 reply which asked for my PayPal account name. I sent 7 emails!

I have held off from complaining on this forum for a long time...but this seems now to be the only approach I have left, yet still I am receiving seemingly spun responses on the support tickets.

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