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Facebook-Add Friends - Debug window stays empty

ReplyThanks 2017/08/20 19:39:51 0 0
I used FollowingLike (Facebook) to export users from a group and add them as friends. After doing this for a while, the debug window now stays empty, so I can′t see what′s happening when the script ist running - there is no chance to control if my configuration still works fine... Is this a limitation of facebook, cause I started too many friend requests?
2017/08/21 17:31:46

Did you set an interval time for the send friend request operation?

Please restart to run this task, and check if it works.

2017/08/21 21:15:00
2017/08/21 21:15:43
^ I posted the settings that are set at the moment...
2017/08/22 16:31:22

Please edit this part, then check if it works:

2017/08/22 16:44:08
2017/08/22 16:46:01
^ I did as you said, but still the debug window stays empty, says "Start to run module" and the "Memory:" shows approximately 44 MB, not growing much...
2017/08/23 18:05:27

That is weird.

Can you please add our Skype whitehatbox we will check it for you via remote control.

2017/08/24 17:49:17

^ Please tell me how to do this and I′ll do so... I tried to click on "How to Get Support" after opening FollowingLike, then I am redirected to a Login, but the Forum-Login does not work there. It says wrong username or password. I really have now idea of how the skype support-thing works, so could you please explain that to me?!?

2017/08/25 15:46:39

Go to download a Skype, then register an account. Then add our Skype whitehatbox.

It is a social online chat software.

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