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How to Export Task together with Run Setting

ReplyThanks 2017/08/12 17:48:33 0 0

I created several Task and tried export and import, this function is working well and its fine.

My problem here is How can I export the task with its Run Setting either Run at the schedule date or Run at the Schedule time per Day.

if the function exist, could anybody tell me how to do it. or if not available at the current version maybe the developer will include my request for the next version.

this is very important because the computer need to shut down or if the application is close all the schedule task is also gone.

2017/08/16 17:53:27

It is a new function.

If your task cannot run, you can export your task, then send it to us. And tell us what is your run type directly.

Run type won't effect your task settings, so no need to export this settings.

But, thanks for your suggestions too.

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