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issues using Multiple text, Photos and URL

ReplyThanks 2017/08/12 17:37:19 0 0

Hi to everyone,

below are my issues;

1. How can I upload Paragraph type of text? using the Text Module. I think there is no difference using One value per line and multiple value and importing txt file.

2. How to upload multiple pictures? using Photo module I tried to import 3 photos but when it upload, only the first picture is uploaded.

3. How to post in multiple page? using the Url module I can put several links but only 1 link is selected.



2017/08/16 17:19:37

One value per line: this one means one value in each unit(line).

Multiple value in one line: this one means there are multiple rows in this unit.

2. It will only upload the photo which you selected. So if you want to upload all photos, just select all.

3. Select delete it or move it to the last row, so next time, it will post to your new pages.

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