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Run Settings

ReplyThanks 2017/08/11 19:48:31 0 0

I want to understand exactly what Run settings all about.

it has 3 options;

1. Run Now

2. Run at the schedule Date

3. Run at the Scheduled time per Day.

option 1 and 2 are self explained. while option 3 my understanding was the user will set the time on what he wants the Task to be executed and it will run it daily. please correct me if I'm wrong.

if my understanding is right with option 3, my problem was I cannot change the time or I cannot choose what specific time i want.

2 Run Type

1. Run Times, self explained.

2. Loop Run, what does it mean?

2017/08/16 17:00:53
Run at the Scheduled time per Day.

this one means: only run your task at each day's specific time. For example: if i set the task to run at 9am, then program will start to run at 9 am today, then it will stop running until tomorrow's 9 am.

We tested it on our side, it works. Can you please give us more details?

Loop Run: once you start to run this task. It will run again and again and never stop until you stop it manually.

2017/08/17 17:32:22
using the Run at specific time per day is also working when I try. my concern is that, the function ( Run at the Scheduled time per Day) will become irrelevant when the system needs to shutdown. because all the task that you have provided will automatically stop and needs to start from zero. if you can export the task + Run at the Scheduled time per Day and you can import it back. I can say its almost perfect tool.
2017/08/18 16:43:49

If your computer shuts down, of course this program won't work. But you just need to reset the run type.

Very thanks for your suggestion, we will take it into consideration.

2017/08/18 19:05:19

I try to use the loop settings and I observe that after the first upload is successful, the task will run again. so if 1 task is successfully uploaded within a minute another task will run and so on. That is true because it was under Loop setting.

how can I control the interval of upload say it should run the task at every 30 mins or every hour.

here is what I want to do.

1. I will upload say for example 10pm

2. the next upload should come out at 1030pm

2017/08/19 19:10:23

if the answer about the interval of next upload is the timeout(s). feels like I manage to answer my own question about the interval of next upload.

my next problem is, I got 4 task

task 1 need to appear 10pm

task 2 need to appear 1030pm

task 3 need to appear 11pm

task 4 need to appear 1130

at 10pm task 1 is successful

at 1030pm task 2 will run together with task 1, which I don't want to run task 1 at 1030 because the timeout is set to be 3600s.

at 11pm same situation task 3 will run, task 1 and task 2 will run as well same thing will happen with task 4 at 1130pm.

is this a bug or I don't know the correct setting. please let me know the proper procedure.

2017/08/21 17:13:48

Add a Sleep module below your task, then you can set the wait time to run the task again.

Timeout settings is to load the page.

If you need to upload two files in a task, you can set a interval time for this operation. Interval time means how long will you do this operation again in the first run. The unit for it is seconds, please set it to be a few minutes. You can find it in Account Manager=>>Limit.

If you want to run your task at the schedule time, you can set it to run at a scheduled time.

2017/08/22 19:35:16

thank you for quick response. I tried putting sleep module and set interval in account manager.

both working fine but need more understanding.

In account manager, I tried 1 day 24 running times and I provide interval time of 600s. I use Run time-> Run now-> loop.

please correct me if I'm wrong. will it mean for 1 day it will run 24 times @ every 600s, however it will finish its task or the loop will stop soon it complete the task in 4 hrs.

if I am right, adding the sleep module and the above settings what is the implication?

2017/08/23 18:03:55

If your task is follow, then it will only follow 24 users, and then won't do the follow again until the next day.

When you loop run it, sleep module means when it will wait for the set sleep time, then start to run the task.

2017/08/25 17:49:00

thank you for the correction. something like the definition of terms is mixed up.

Running time under account manager is conditional. in such a way that somebody need to follow my post.

how about the Run Settings-> Run Type-> Run Times what is the meaning of that command?

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