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Proxy Fail When URL Load, How to Go Back to "Set Proxy" For When This Happens?

ReplyThanks 2017/08/01 07:40:54 0 0


Sometimes a proxy does not work with the website I am creating a bot for. This means that when the website denies the proxy, the bot timesout. What can I add to the page url load to go back to "Set Proxy" when this happens.


2017/08/01 14:34:09

re start to run Botchief editor, then it should work.

Let me know if it works.

2017/08/01 16:54:58


Thanks for your reply. Is re start to run Botcheif Editor a process I should add after the load url?


2017/08/01 18:27:47

Add a Try Catch action. If the load url action cannot load it, then it will go to the Catch step, then you can add new proxy for it to have a try.

2017/08/01 19:15:02

I just noticed the real issue here as I ran the Debug mode in different window mode. I didn't realize that Bot Cheif Editor is using only one proxy, however I entered multiple proxies in the variable. I let the module repeat itself, logging into different users performing actions. This is why the website is rejecting the proxy as I use private proxies for testing.

My Module:

Clear Cookies

Clear Cache

Set Proxy

Load URL

Login (different users each time)

(and so on)

The Set Proxy is in variable mode and the variable is in String value type. Initialization variable checked with "There is no Default value for variable before run."

When running the module I enter multiple proxies and at the bottom, when setting up module, in red text writing it says "Program will use one value randomly". The bot runs through the module and a "Goto" action is at the end to go back to Clear Cookies, Clear Cashe, Set Proxy but as mentioned above the same proxy is used. I can see at the top of the window the proxy when Debug mode in different window modeand it does not change.

Thank you again.

2017/08/02 14:24:21

Use a Table Global variable to set your proxy, and when you process the proxy table, select delete it after use. Then run your module in BotChief runner, then you will see the proxy will be different each time.

2017/08/03 00:37:39

Thanks again for your response and I appreciate and respect your help.

The issue I am having is I am not able to "Use Variable" to choose The Global Variable Table in "Set Proxy". P.s I could not add a screenshot to this comment box, the browser turns white and there is no file directory to choose from. I placed the images on dropbox:

1. New Global Variable Table


2. Set Proxy - not able to the variable.



2017/08/03 01:00:24

I'm not sure what I did but it seems the proxy is change, maybe at random:

I added a "Variable Operate" operation, Variables Need to Deal With Proxy Table, Processing away Get Values from table, than set it with a string variable, remove row after get value/s, and put the Variable Operation after the set proxy.

Thanks, I really really appreciate this.

2017/08/03 11:34:31

Yes, your proxy settings are correct. But please use different name for table proxy and string proxy.

Debug each action, then you should be able to see the problem.

2017/08/04 04:50:41


Thank you very much, I did exactly that and it is working. I also did the Try Catch operation (found a video with that operation) and also have that issue figured out.

I really appreciate your time

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