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Not able to type in search fields

ReplyThanks 2017/07/28 08:04:33 0 0
I am creating a module to search Instagram. I selected the account but when I click on the search field, I am not able to type into it.
2017/07/28 15:21:57

If you want to search user, then you need to add a Account module first, then a Text module to fill in the keywords, then the Search user module to search user by these keywords.

You can show me the screenshot of the error if you still get the same error.

2017/08/01 07:54:53

Ok, the video tutorial clearly shows a user typing the info but I guess that's a previous version?

Now it looks like my account is just giving network errors so I will have to figure that out next.

In the Account Manager, I see my account but it has no URL, photo amount, or following. If I click Start, I just get a Network Error. I have tried deleting the account and re-creating but the same thing happens. What can I do about this?

2017/08/01 14:10:45
Go to enable the debug window in the Settings. Then check what the debug window shows when you get network error notice.
2017/08/02 07:18:24

ok I had to login manually because the browser was getting stuck in a sign-up menu.

I got it to follow someone! Thanks for the help.

You might want to make a new tutorial video, though!

2017/08/02 11:22:06

We will optimize the check account function. Please wait for the news.

Thanks for your suggestion, we will take it into consideration.

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