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Stop working problem

ReplyThanks 2017/07/24 22:58:18 0 0

We have received the error message from the attached image several times while running the application, and every time it happens, we must stop the program and restart the accounts again, please help us to solve the case as soon as possible. We indicate the characteristics of our VPS:
S.O: Windows Server 2012 R2
RAM: 12 GB
Vcore: 2 2.39 GHz
HDD: 50 GB

2017/07/25 12:02:13
Wait minute please, i will reply to you later
2017/07/25 14:54:24

1. go to enable the .net3.5 in your system

2. go to check if these files (xulrunner29.0, xulrunner33.0, xulrunner45.0 ) are in this path: C:\Program Files (x86) If they are not here, please go to download these files, then unzip them, then move them to this path.



Let me know if it works.

2017/07/25 16:26:00

Thanks for the advice, then I send the images of before and after the change so that they give us their comments. Now, a question, after the folder copy that was needed, should we reboot the system or the following to ensure that the changes are applied?



2017/07/25 16:57:20

These two should be ticked too.

Once you enabled the .net 3.5. you can re start your computer later, your computer will give you the notice. But please re start to run FollowingLike, then check if it works.

If it still won't work, please send your task which caused this problem, we will check it on our side.

2017/07/26 23:19:36
Hello, we have already applied the recommended settings, so far the bot process has not stopped or the error has been reproduced again. We are still monitoring, but we appreciate the support and prompt response received from your team. regards
2017/07/27 11:07:36

You are welcome.

Please send your task which caused this problem to us, we will check it on our side.

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