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can i send messages to people ( not my friends ) ?

ReplyThanks 2017/07/16 14:52:58 0 0
hello friends , can i send messages using following like , but they are not my friends on facebook ?

something else , can i send message to many people ( not only one ) in same task ?

and finally , i tired to send message to friend account , and the task opened and the message has been wrote on task view , but when i went to check if the message sent , nothing showed up . the message didn't send .

thank you
2017/07/18 17:48:46
Yes, you can send message to those who are not your friends.

Yes, you can send message to many people in one task.

How did you create your task? Can you export it to us? we will check it for you.

Btw, when you run this task, the debug window will pop up, so you can see how it runs, and what message it filled in.
2017/07/19 02:41:50

on url section i put the url of the user i want to send the message to

2017/07/19 18:09:53


What is the 12.Text/27.Account module for?

You can go to delete them, then check if your task can work.

2017/07/19 18:39:45

i did like you said , thank you , it works with my firend 100%

but when trying to send to people who are not my friends , the task opend the profile show up , then the task close , but without out sending any message , and the people i am trying to send message to , allowed to people to send them messages

2017/07/19 18:53:26

If there is no send message button in the user's profile page, then program cannot work.

You can send us this user's profile link, we will check it for you.

2017/07/19 18:57:18
this the link :


all the profiles that i treaid to send to them had the message button

but not working

2017/07/20 18:40:10
We will go to check it, any news for it, i will contact you asap. Please wait for the news.
2017/07/20 22:27:27

Ok my friend , i will wait , plz dont forget

Thank You

2017/07/21 15:31:40

We already checked it. Please unzip this file, then move this file to the Facebook file.


Steps to find the Facebook file>>

Click the arrow button to find the directory file of FollowingLike. Then open the Module file, then you can find the Facebook file

Re start to run this program, then check if it works.

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