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Question about Limit section of Account Manager

ReplyThanks 2017/07/15 05:06:51 1 0

Hello There,

Firstly, loving "Following Like". You guys have done a great job :).

I'm having trouble understanding how the Limit section works. For example, under "Like Post" what do the various sections like "Time and Max running times" and "Interval time(s)" do and can you provide an example of how they are used? Thank you so much for your time!

2017/07/18 18:08:24

If your task is to like post. Then Time and Max running times means the max number of posts will you like in per day/minute/hour.

Interval time means: how long will the program pause when it is to like the next post if you need to like 2 posts in each run. The unit for it is seconds.

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