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ReplyThanks 2017/07/14 23:10:59 1 0


I would like to know if i can replicate this logic in FollowingLike:

1 - The users insert the instagram Login and Password;
2 - The user insert 10 instagram users that he chooses;
3 - Each hour (24/7), the bot will check what is the most recent post of all of the 10 instagrams that the user inserted in topic 2.
4 - The bot will follow 70 users that liked this recent post (it is not possible to follow a user that you are already following). If the most recent post is not enough, the bot needs to go to the second until it follows exactly 70 users ;
5 - The bot will unfollow 70 users using this logic:
- First it will unfollow all of the users that doesn't follow you back. From the latest that you followed until the newest;
- Second (if there is no user that is in the first scenario), it will unfollow users that follow you. From the latest that you followed until de newest.

This is the logic that i need in my instagram Follow/Unfollow bot.

Is it possible?

Thank you

2017/07/18 18:03:19

Our support already replied to your ticket. Please go to check it.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more help.

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