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Upvoting Reddit Posts

ReplyThanks 2017/07/10 23:49:07 1 0

Hey There,

Is there a way to upvote Reddit posts with Following Like? If not, can that be added as a feature soon? I'd love to have that option.

2017/07/11 19:47:56

Upvote posts is a new feature for FollowingLike, but i already added it to our work list. We will go to check it, if we can add it in the future, we will update it asap. Please wait for the news.

Very thanks for your suggestion.
2017/07/11 20:27:45
Thank you. Downvotes would also be good and natural too. Upvotes and Downvotes are the most important features of Reddit. You just click the arrow up or down next to a post. :)
2017/07/13 18:26:10
Thanks for your reminder. If possible, we will add them, and will update it asap.
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