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License Question

ReplyThanks 2017/07/08 05:44:39 0 0

Hey There,

I just bought Following Like (actually, I own a lot of your applications ). Anyways, I have two computers next to each other. One acts as more of a server that is always on, and the other is my laptop that I work on each day.

My question is: is it OK to have the applications installed on both of my computers? I don't want to cause any problems. They are both my computers and only I would be using the applications.

For my computer that acts like a server, I just use it to have software running constantly. On my laptop, I usually use it to mess around with applications and learn them. I appreciate your help on this! Thank you!

2017/07/08 11:36:20

The license can be used on max 2 computers. So you can install this program in your server and your laptop.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any more help.

2017/07/10 22:21:17

Last post didn't go through, trying again:

I do have one last question. If I get a new computer, or need to move computers, how do I move a license without creating any problems?

2017/07/11 19:58:46
Just contact us when you get new computer and cannot login in. We will help you solve it.
2017/07/11 20:28:53
Thank you Aprilcaicai.
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