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Cant Import Facebook Accounts

ReplyThanks 2017/06/29 16:48:11 0 0

hello ,

iam trying to import CSV File (facebook accounts in it ) into followinglike , but everytime i have this error that u can see on the attachment :

please help me with the file format , and whats the problem , because i want to buy the program

2017/06/29 18:26:04

Here is the format for csv file:

Also you can import your account from text file too. Just use comma to separate the username and password.

2017/06/29 20:41:52
can any one send me csv file with accounts format , and i will edit it and try
2017/06/30 00:37:06
my version is " 7$ for 3 days then 129 $ yearly ) maybe this the reason why i cant import list of accounts ?
2017/06/30 10:40:39

Thanks for your feedback.

Let me know if you need any more help.

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