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Setup Auto Liker

ReplyThanks 2017/06/19 02:07:28 0 0

Hi, I am trying to setup my autoliker for instagram but I am having some trouble.

My task setting modules so far:

1. Account

2. Text (listed 1 keyword)

3. Search Users (inputted account source and search keyword)

What do do next?

I have tried "likes" module, but am seeing an error" please set an interval time for like operation" (which I have done... and a "post source" setting which I am unable to set.

Please help.

2017/06/21 17:58:34

Your task is not correct.

Did you want to like the specific user's photo or just like the photo by hashtag?

If you want to like the specific user's photo, you need to search this user first, then search its photos.

If you want to like the photo by hashtag, you need to search photo first, then you can like it.

Please set an interval time for the like operation before you run your task. The unit for the interval time is seconds.

Please feel free to contact me if you need help.

2017/06/28 00:16:16


I see there is the option of auto liking via hashtags and auto like photos of a specific user, however I am after auto likes targeting a users/accounts followers. Is this possible? If so could you please direct me to where I can see how it is done.

Many thanks

2017/06/29 15:33:28


Yes, in the basic of this task, just add a search followers module behind the Search users module, then you can search the followers photos.

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