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Upload CSV with Social Media Update with Image and URL

ReplyThanks 2017/06/06 13:36:50 0 0

Hello, FollowingLike Fans!

I am looking for a task that can perform the following steps on at least Facebook and Google+. This can be two sperate tasks, but here is the file setup that I want to import:

1- create a CSV file with a) social message/post/update, b) an image location - uploaded from my computer or url (1200 x675), and c) a link to the web page - I would like the long URL to be shortened via bit.ly d) the date the post is to be published or sequence (i.e. day 1, 2, 3, etc.)

2- once the file is created I want to upload it to an account I manage and let it run.

The task should be able to import the files with all the details and create a schedule of social media updates to keep the social media channel updated.

The results need to be a unique post based on the date entered in the CSV (i.e. daily) that includes a) the social media update, an image, and a shortened URL to read the full article.

Please let me know if this is possible to setup with FollowingLike or if anyone has something similar they are doing.


2017/06/06 18:05:42

Except the shorten url via bit.ly, FollowingLike can do all.

I already added this one to our work list, if our programmers can add it, they will update it asap. Please wait for the news.

If there is any problem for creating task, we are glad to create a sample for you.

2017/06/07 12:14:36
@Aprilcaicai, thanks for the prompt response. It would be great if this task can be setup as a sample! The bit.ly shortener would be an added bonus - I think Tweet Attacks Pro has this feature already. Where would this be posted and how long does it usually take? Thank you for your help!
2017/06/07 17:38:17
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