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Find posts in groups

ReplyThanks 2017/05/20 01:55:52 0 0

Hi. What I want to do is supply the group URL, and then the task manager will find the posts posted in the past week that contains a keyword? What's the task sequence for this?

So the sequence should be like:

1. Log in

2. Go to group

3. Filter all posts made in the past week in the group

4. From those posts, filter posts containing a keyword

I can't do it somehow. Help please?

2017/05/20 10:53:08

I already created a sample for you. Please go to check it.

Search posts from group

Btw, i add a SaveData module to save the searched out posts. So you can check this post on your browser.

Currently FollowingLike cannot filter out post by date, but i already added this new function to our work list. If our programmers can make it done, they will update it asap, please wait for the news.

Any problem for it, please feel free to contact me.

2017/05/20 21:31:22
Hi. When I click on the link I see a file instead of a video. Where do I load this? How do I use this? Thanks
2017/05/22 11:05:32
This is a sample task, you can load it into FollowingLike to use.

Currently there is no such a video to show you how to create the task you need. But we already created some tutorials for FollowingLike. The tutorials are to teach you how to use this program. Check this link:

Please feel free to contact me if you need any help.
2017/05/23 01:18:13
I tried this and this didn't work. Not only is this the same as just using the graph search on Facebook, this targets all posts, not just posts from specific groups. Also, the test file only returned ONE link when I know for a fact (because I checked manually) tha there should have been more posts. Any help?
2017/05/23 11:47:15

Can you show me which step it failed?

This task is to search post from you and your group with keywords.

And you can edit your task, and set the search post amount. So there won't be only one searched out post.

We just give you an sample, you can go to edit it like what you need.

2017/05/24 03:26:44

No, the step I was needing help with was to find posts IN SPECIFIC GROUPS.

For example, I am a member of a closed group named Women Business Entrepreneurs. This group has a lot of traffic and gets new posts every minute. So, it takes a lot of time to go through the posts.

I was wondering if this tool can FIND ALL THE POSTS in the Women Business Entrepreneurs group containing the keyword "web design."


Can this tool do that?

2017/05/24 18:00:05


FollowingLike can find post from the specific group. Check the below screenshot:

If you still confusion how to create this task. Tomorrow i will create a sample for you.

Currently we are moving our server to a better one, so this program cannot work now.

And the server can work after few hours.

So sorry for the inconvenience.

2017/06/02 13:20:45
Is there a way to input multiple group names? :( This will take too much time if I have to repeat this process for over 30 groups every day
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