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FollwingLike - How search all facebook friend + how send quick message

ReplyThanks 2017/03/21 00:25:37 0 0

1. i dont understand how make search of all my facebook friend and i got 5000

2. i do sucess found 1 friend and send him a auto message but its take alot time !! the time for all commands happend was like 30-40 sec and i need send a message to 5,000 friends so its not be dont forever !

some help ?

2017/03/21 11:09:38
If you want to quickly search out all of your facebook friends, you can create one task first to search all friends.
And then create another task to send message to the friends list.
Task 1, search all friends out, and then save them to your local file. Only need to run once.

Task 2, send message to the friends list. And then loop run the task.

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