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TAP 3 Unlimited account Not provided after payment of $240

ReplyThanks 2017/03/17 04:32:46 0 0
lastnight i contacted support about upgrading my TAP3 (single account) to a TAP3 (unlimited account) they gave me a price of $240 to do so , the next morning (today) i paid the $240 to the paypal account jsmith51208@vip.163.com via Paypal , since then i have not heard anything back from your support team , i have emaild them sevreal time asking when my account would be updated and when i will be able to start using the unlimited versions to no avail . no response , nothing , i would like to know when i will be answered . may i please have an anwser where this case stands , i have copys of the emails . dates and times if you need them ,
2017/03/17 10:42:23
Hi, very sorry for late reply. We already upgraded it for you. Probably different time zone cause that we do not contact you asap.

Have a nice day!!!!
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