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I can't comment using Followlike for instagram

ReplyThanks 2017/03/16 00:50:50 0 0
Can someone please contact me to help me with this issue. I made a task to to comment on photos and it keeps failing.
2017/03/16 11:43:19

Hi, please show us the screenshot of your task settings. Or you can export your task and send it to us, we will check it for you.

Have a nice day!!!

2017/03/18 03:37:47
2017/03/18 03:50:26
I also want to know how to combine Like and comment on photos.
2017/03/18 09:51:36

Just add a Like module below the Comment module on your task. On the settings of like module, select Comment as this one's data source.

Btw, on the settings of Comment, please select Delete it after use. That means the data on the Comment can only be used once.

2017/03/18 10:02:18
The second image was wrong, it should be what is seen below. The selection of results should be "Success Results" I've changed the "How to delete the row.." to "Delete the Row" I'm still getting failed results.

2017/03/18 11:09:03

Hi, please export your task and then send us the link to download your task, we will check it on our side, and then reply to you. Many thanks

2017/03/18 13:52:36

Hi, very sorry for the late reply, please add our Skype account: whitehatbox we will check it for you via remote control. There is a problem for my pc, very sorry for the inconvenience.

2017/03/18 20:40:37

Hey I'm in New York time and was already in bed when I received your last message. If you are still here please reply to this comment and I will put skype on.


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