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TAP4 email addresses and phone numbers for twitter accounts

ReplyThanks 2017/03/09 05:46:26 0 0
I purchased TAP4. Can you tell me where to get email addresses and phone numbers to make Twitter accounts since this is separate from the program?
2017/03/09 13:40:11
TAP 4 is to do the operations on Twitter, the functions for it have been listed in the sale page: http://www.tweetattackspro.com/ please go to the sale page to know more. If you do not know how to use this program, please check these posts first:

TweetAccountManager is to register twitter accounts, but currently the phone number from whitehatbox cannot be used to verify. After Twitter updates, Twitter is very strict with the phone number. So we need to find a new server for the phone number. But other functions on TweetAccountManager can work.

Btw, please post the content to TweetAttacksPro section. Thanks

Have a nice day!!!

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