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Specify country to friend people - FB

ReplyThanks 2016/12/30 12:52:04 0 0
I am running a facebook friend module and it keeps friending people in other countries. Can I set it to English speaking countries or specify the exact country to friend people?
2017/01/02 22:37:49

Hi, we are glad to add this function for you. But on the Facebook page, we cannot find this function: only add these people to your friends who speak English. You can send the screenshot about how you did it online to us. We will take a look. If we can make it done, we will update it asap.

When you use keyword to search people, the keyword format can be like this: Andy from America probably the people it searched out will from this country where people speak English. I got this idea from other people, but you can have a try, it is just a suggestion. But the bad effect is that i cannot make sure if there is result for this kind of keyword.

Have a nice day!!!

2017/01/24 14:22:13
so I have no way to target people to friend? it just has to be random, or by their name? I cant think of any instance where I would want to friend many people named Andy for instance. This would be useless. what can I do to specify who I am looking to friend?
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