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target followers

ReplyThanks 2016/12/29 09:42:28 0 0

Hi, how to i target someones followers using this app. I want to follow @caseyneistat 's followers but i dont see an option for it

i am using following like app

2016/12/29 21:11:48
Hi, we have explained this task with detailed steps, please go to check this link: http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=4687&searchText=follow#.WGXCDH38Y3A
Btw, please post your thread on the related forum next time.

Have a nice day!!!

2016/12/30 05:50:15
i cannot view this page! it says i do not have authorization
2017/01/03 02:34:22
Steps to follow someone’s followers:
1. Add a Account module to select your account to run.
2. Add a Text module to input your keyword to search user.
3. Add a Search user module to search user.
4. Add a Search follower module to search the user’s followers.
5. Add a follow module to follow the user’s followers.
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