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import tasks like tweet attacks

ReplyThanks 2016/12/26 22:04:21 0 0

I was wondering if you have a list of tasks that can be imported like TweetAttacks. I would like to start with those and learn from them so that i can see how they are setup and hopefully just use them if they are valuable tasks.

Please let me know.

2016/12/26 22:48:11

Yes, you can import your task to Followinglike, go to check the Tool bar. but you only can import them one by one. After finshed importing, restart this software, and then you can check your task.

Have a nice day!!!

2016/12/27 08:19:43
I know that the program has the ability to import, I found that. My question is where on the forum can I go to find tasks that you have that i can import?
2016/12/27 20:40:41

Hi, very sorry for the inconvenience. Currently we do not create sample task for this software, it is very easy to create task. If there is anything i can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day!!!!

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