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This program is just trash

ReplyThanks 2016/12/25 03:32:08 1 0

Just installed Followinglike, I purchased 1 Instagram copy

all i want it to do it follow a certain users followers (copy followers) and unfollow them in a cycle. is that so hard? is that so fucking difficult?

instead it keeps crashing on and on and on, theres also 0 clear tutorials on how to do this, all the tutorials are insanely unclear with some cancerous female robot voice

if i dont figure it out within 48 hours im gonna refund, just saying.

2016/12/25 21:42:49
Hello, how do you mean it keeps crashing on and on and on? Can you give us more details? Like what operation are you doing when it is crasing, what is the settings for your task? If there is still problem for it, you can add our Skype account: whitehatbox We will check it for you via remote control.

How to follow specific account's followers:

1. Add a Account module to select your account to run.
2. Add a Text module to input your keyword to search user.
3. Add a Search user module to search user.
4. Add a Search follower module to search the user’s followers.
5. Add a follow module to follow the user’s

If you want to unfollow some users, you need to use this software to follow someone first, and then you can use the software to unfollow them.

Have a nice day!!!
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