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I want a REFUND TOO!

ReplyThanks 2016/10/26 01:38:12 0 0

This was posted in SpinnerChief forum also.

I want a REFUND TOO!

First of, i don't want to post this here but it seems your head support has disappeared again. Always doing a follow up message takes time, stressful, and really, it feels uncaring.

I have tried to be respectful to your head support but he is impossible.

I regret purchasing SpinnerChief because it started very badly. ContentBomb was not working and support takes too long to respond.

It took almost one week before they finally fixed it and it was only probably because I asked for a refund and I also mentioned that there was another person who was having the same problem and was also asking for a refund because support was not responding to him as well.

Honestly, I have a feeling that your head support does not read all the messages sent to him. He just asks the same questions and then disappears and then takes about two days before he sends out his short response and then disappears again. So frustrating. And all that, I have mentioned in my previous post. The only time he responded promptly before was when I asked for a refund. But now that I am asking again, he refused and has disappeared again. Very uncaring support.

My case is not an isolated case because now I can see that there are a lot who have asked for a refund and had trouble with support.

I want a refund, too.

Before purchasing, I asked if there was a guarantee, like "a 30-day guarantee," from which the head support answered, they will issue a refund if Spinnerchief did not deliver as promised. I assumed that he was agreeing that, yes, it's 30 days, since that was what I asked. He did not mention anything about a "one week" guarantee.

Now that I have checked SpinnerChief, I'm disappointed that it delivered a very low score of uniqueness. I asked for a refund but the head support said it's been more than one week already since I purchased it. I told him that he never said anything about a "one week" guarantee and also it took them almost one week to resolve the problem with the software.

Enclosed is a screenshot of a spun article using SC. If I'm going to check word for word, then it would take a lot of time. So what's the purpose of having the software if it would not help me cut down work time?


Lastly, it's not good to pin my being "late" to ask for a refund because your head support takes a long time to respond.

So I'm asking, just like with a lot here, for a refund. SpinnerChief did not deliver as promised. I have already asked this a couple of times before but your head support ignored it. He tried to solve the problem with the other software, ContentBomb, which took almost one week to do. But the problem now is SpinnerChief. It does not produce a good result.

I have already sent you many times my PayPal account -- which your head support always ignores.

Again, my case is not an isolated one. You can't deny that many had a lot of problem with the software and support.

Please look into my request for refund because I want to put this terrible experience asap.


2016/10/31 03:33:19
Very sorry for the late answer, if there is any problem for this software, we are glad to help you solve it. And if you need to refund, please send a private messge to me attached with your payment account, i will ask the support to refund. Thanks
2017/03/02 07:06:42

I need REFUND for ContentBomb. Why you delete my previous post about this?

Nobody answering ar the support mail

2017/03/06 12:46:25
3 # biblow 2017/3/2 7:06:42

I need REFUND for ContentBomb. Why you delete my previous post about this?

Nobody answering ar the support mail

Hi very sorry for that the support is checking the mail message one by one. The last two days are weekends, that is why the answer from the support is slower than normal. So please wait for a moment. Many thanks

2017/03/09 12:35:57

a Week gone, no answer, no refund.


2017/03/09 13:45:15
Hi can you send me your Paypal/payment account via private message? I will inform him to check. Many thanks
2017/03/10 13:54:24
PM message sent
2017/03/10 16:16:56
Hi, we have got your message, and will deal with it. Please wait for a moment. Thanks
2017/03/16 23:10:53
Another week has gone. Where are my money????????
2017/03/17 11:11:49
9 # biblow 2017/3/16 23:10:53
Another week has gone. Where are my money????????

Hi, very sorry for the late answer, we will refund to you. But can you tell us what function you need? Probably we can recommend some other programs which have this function to you.

Have a nice day!!!

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