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X-Spinner API and third-party software

ReplyThanks 2016/09/19 11:13:56 0 1

I'm using API from http://www.x-spinner.com/dev.html, for example:

> string='very logn url-encoded text'

> curl -X POST -d "thesaurus=English&removeold=1&spintype=0&spinway=1&xstext=$string" http://myip:80/

What about params for api type for third-party software?

How I can use another API type (TBS, WordAI, etc.) instead off X-Spinner.

2016/09/19 23:30:50

Hello Developer,

Which software did you want to use the X-spinner api, your own software or the third-party software?

Steps for using the X-spinner api:

1. Run x-spinner and make sure x-spinner's service has started.

2. If the third-party software has integrated x-spinner api, then you just input x-spinner ip and port in the third-party to use.

3. If the third-party software has not integrated x-spinner api, you can select to use tbs, wordai, spinnerchief or spinrewriter, then fill any randomly username and password in the third-party software.



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