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Backlink Maker

ReplyThanks 2014/03/26 22:21:14 0 0

Generate Quality Backlinks With the Click of a Button

Put your best Search engine optimization foot forward and produce a lot
of high worth backlinks in just a matter of seconds. Just enter your site below
and click on “Make” to view the free of charge backlink maker tool do its job!

Backlink Value Matters!

The very best backlinks are valuable, relevant, authentic, and from authority webpages. They
might need more focus on your part, however the long and short-term results are
really rewarding. This backlink generator will jumpstart your high quality link
building campaign.

In just a few days, use the PR Check Tool to observe if there’s been any changes. You may
also utilize the Backlink Check Tool to see additional information about your
one way links, and then check out the value of every individual link utilizing
the free Link Analysis Tool.

Please let us know that if you want more functions in this small
software, we will listen your suggestion and add them :)

2014/10/08 20:11:34

Button to select all URLs.
Button to export results.
Copy and paste the URLs of the results

2014/10/11 02:29:48
Thanks, for suggestion, will do !
Let's ROCK!
2016/03/25 06:23:27
is this tool still around?
2016/03/25 06:35:52
8 # jasonc 3/25/2016 6:23:27 AM
is this tool still around?

Yes, you can download a whitehat app, and then in the free seo software section, you can find this software. thanks

2016/12/18 12:44:08


I would like to ask why when i run, the status all are "X"?

How to make it pass?

2016/12/18 22:31:50
10 # wcsaw1982 12/18/2016 12:44:08 PM


I would like to ask why when i run, the status all are "X"?

How to make it pass?

Hello, which software are you using? Can you send the screenshot of the problem to us?

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