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Phone verification issue

ReplyThanks 2015/06/09 04:36:31 0 0

I am getting this issue in both task ask question task and answer task.

You have resolved it last time for account check task. pl make the same changes for all task wherever we need to login as yahoo can give this pop up anytime as i got.

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2015/06/11 20:04:41
If this happen for the account, have to verify it manually, because yahoo will send a text message to your phone, and you have to input the verify number manually.
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2015/06/12 02:29:02
No, we can skip this, as you can see below its showing skip option, so all you need to do it set it to skip it, programmer has already done this in account check task, implement same in all other task also where login is required.
Visit - www.ShashankGupta.net
2015/06/12 05:31:17

Hi, shashankscg. We are apologize for not replying you earlier. Programmer has already upgrade it, and you can implement same in all other tasks. Please feel free to contact us.

Best wishes!

2015/06/13 02:58:18
Okay, Thanks can you pl check this also http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=1376#.VXvT3vmqqko
Visit - www.ShashankGupta.net
2015/06/13 21:40:11
OK, shashankscg. After checking this problem, I will leave a message in here.
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