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2captcha not working ?!

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2captcha is not working, after adding the api key and reopen SETTINGS the api key is gone !

Dora Smith
2020/01/06 15:03:07

After adding the API key, remember to cick Save.

Let us know if it works.

2020/01/06 15:26:07
Yes that's what I always do , but even so after addid api and save, when reopenthe settings the 2captcha api key box is empty.
2020/01/07 01:46:50

What version do you use , I don't have save option.

Dora Smith
2020/01/07 14:21:15

We are using v1.5.0.

The latest version is TrafficBotPro2 v1.5.0.

Please visit following address to download TrafficBotPro again.


Let us know if it works.

2020/01/07 22:09:45
I'm having problems, now it saves the api key but not even v1 1.8 won't work failing to solve the recaptcha , check video https://streamable.com/gas0q
Dora Smith
2020/01/08 15:41:33

Sorry, did you mean TrafficBotPro2 v1.1.8?
But the latest version is TrafficBotPro2 v1.5.0.
Did you access the address i sent to download it again?
Besides, the video you sent cannot be reached. Please resend it.

2020/01/08 16:05:08

The video works perfectly https://streamable.com/gas0q

I downloaded your file and 2captcha api its saved but fail to work when used check above video please !

Dora Smith
2020/01/13 11:20:52


The video cannot be visited.

You can contact us through support ticket.


Usually fresh proxy won't need to verify captcha. If Google asks for, which means this ip has been detected, at this moment, you'd better change a fresh proxy to run. Also please use highly anonymous http proxy.

2020/01/16 18:44:56
Dora Smith, I can see that months ago other users are reporting the same issue while you don't want to fix the problem on your newer releases , I have replied there , why you don't want to fix this problem losing important clicks if 2captcha would have solve the recaptcha? https://www.whitehatbox.com/BBS/BBSPost?postid=13225&pid=1
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