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1.4.1 - The type initializer for 'Gecko.GeckoPreferences' threw an exception(d5)

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I just updated a working 1.3.x version to 1.4.1 and now I get

The type initializer for 'Gecko.GeckoPreferences' threw an exception(d5)

on each attemp for a running task.

And in the "Message" column there are "Debug Timeout" and "error code:999" hints. Which did not occur before this update.

Guys, this software is a pain in the ass. Your software already has a lot of issues and with each update you try to fix something, new errors occur.

Dora Smith
2019/11/25 16:01:51


Please try following solutions.

1. Please check if C:\Program Files (x86)\xulrunner60.0_x64 exists and it cannot be a C:\Program Files (x86)\xulrunner60.0_x64\xulrunner60.0_x64. ( This is very important.)
2. Please install following two files.

Let us know if it works.
2019/11/25 17:09:20

I will try but to clarify:

  • I had a working 1.3.x version, installed via your whitehatbox app
  • I did the update via your whitehatbox app


There is no xulrunner directory under C:\Program Files (x86), only a WhiteHatBox directory.


Deinstallation and reinstallation via your whitehatbox app leads to the same result.

Dora Smith
2019/11/26 10:28:23

-Please go to check if these files (xulrunner29.0, xulrunner33.0, xulrunner45.0, xulrunner60.0 ) are in this path: C:\Program Files (x86) If they are not here, please go to download these files, then unzip them, then move them to this path.






-Please install a Winrar compress tool if you cannot extract the zip file.

You can download winrar tool here:


-After did above all, then run the software with admin, then check if you can open it successfully.

Also please update to the latest version(TrafficBotPro2 v1.4.2)

Let us know if it works.

2019/11/26 17:27:54

Downloaded all xulrunner files (and as I have a 64-Bit system, I downloaded the x64 version for xulrunner60) , unzipped them, they are in "C:\Program Files (x86)" now, started the software as admin => same error!

So I did a CLEAN install where I deinstalled your whitehatbox app and all files within "C:\Program Files (x86)\WhiteHatBox", but kept the xulrunner files.

And I started with a fresh project => same result

So please, tell me what I can do more as to use your very own setup and installation routines???

From a view of a developer myself, this is a total mess for a customer. If I buy a software product, I expect that the setup looks for what it needs to run and downloads and installs the necessary components to be able to run.

With each new version I spent hours to try to get your software to run again!

Dora Smith
2019/11/29 15:15:18

Acutally you don't have to delete WhiteHatBox. You just need keep the xulrunner files.

It should be like this.

Please visit following address to download WhiteHatBox. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s0lrIplUVXZbtghl46Jzr1F5laxRaUlC/view?usp=sharing
After run whitehatbox as administrator, please go into "All Software" folder to download TrafficBotPro2.

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