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realdannys 2013/12/09 07:33:24 0 0
A very powerful and useful feature would be the ability to import the accounts we've created and update the passwords. This is very useful to stop sellers reselling accounts we've bought.Also, inevitably there will be some failures in a long list of say 1000 accounts. The ability to re-try or export failures to retry would be a great feature. We obviously want to change the password on every account so if there is some kind of network error we need to...
yesorno 2013/05/29 07:02:19 0 0
Here is the beta version of Twitter Account Manager, it can update your hundreds of twitter accounts' profile(name, location, site, bio...) in minutes.Here is a picture of the software >> How to use >>1. Zip all files into a normal windows folder.2. Run twitteraccountmanager.exe and input your name, email and serial code (you can get one in follow post) to login.3. Import your account using 'import accounts' function.4. Set proxies in the setting tab.5. Click "Update profile" button6...
zhoucongcq 2013/07/14 02:34:40 0 0
TwitterAccountManager canregister twitter accounts, confirm email automatically, update twitter accountprofile, update account background, update account avatar. Main Window...
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