LikeABoss 2014/11/20 14:56:38 0 0
Like the title says is there some guide or best practices video? I was using 25 private proxies to make 50 accounts and most of them go suspended right away. Proxies are from SquidProxies.Out of 50 I only got 6 confirmed accounts the rest were suspended right away. Then I tried with two of the good accts to upload new profile and header but nothing ever happened, I did like the into guide says and only set 1 thread...
aldus 2014/12/16 08:32:11 0 0
Import Emails that are PVA and POP from SuperHAC  runs buy no proxy showing in log windowno accounts registered?  please advise.  thanks,
TJAS1234 2014/11/17 04:26:05 0 0
Hi thereI purchased TAM yesterday and only managed to create 5 accounts. These were done without a proxy and since then the phone verification failure happens all the time. I have tried using proxys imported from proxy spider and used the built in proxy check before proceeding and the problem is still there. I have tried all sorts of email accounts but still no difference.Can anyone advise of what I may be doing wrong?...
Hailey 2014/10/08 16:58:13 0 0
Hi there,i've the following problem:For example i want to create 20 new twitter accounts, i import the mail list, make all settings and start TAM. Everything looks great without any problems. But when i start update profile, avatar and design, TAM gives me back errors on some accounts.Action Status: 08.10.2014 22:50:35 Login failed. Reason:Network error. ...
nugrohosidik77 2014/09/08 22:21:12 1 0
Hello everyone!My twitteraccountmanager pro v. isn't working. I use 20 private proxies and fresh email accounts (hotmail, outlook).The software creates account, but the accounts it creates don't show up on list.I then switch to debug mode, and the problem is when it creates account successfuly, it goes to the twitter start here page. On that page, the software searching some web element but didn't find it....
ArchAngel 2014/06/22 03:45:23 0 0
Hi,I am trying to import emails to begin the account creation process and the function to set the pop settings on the accounts is not working.Here is what is going on: http:// (space)  www (dot) screencast (dot) com/t/8pehTRJrz6HI tried it with AOL, Yahoo, and Outlook accounts.  Same result every time.Regards,Clint
ArchAngel 2014/06/22 05:59:48 0 0
Hi,I imported accounts into the software to test the account Avatar and profile update features and the software crashes.Also when trying to create the Avatar's I get an error messageHere is what its doing: hxxp:// screencast <dot>com/t/HfgricIoaand: hxxp:// screencast <dot.> com/t/5VWFNhlHHere is the error message I copied:...
ArchAngel 2014/06/16 12:05:04 0 0
Hi,I just tried to run the tool and its not creating accounts.I had only ten emails and several shared proxies.The tool never gave me an error message, it just didn't do anything. I read somewhere there was a fix coming for this issue perhaps?
YAS 2014/06/02 22:16:13 0 0
hi i bought twitter account manger since 29-7-2013 ididnt use it because i dont know how to crate emails it cost to buy itso help me to find easy waythank you 
warrenJR 2014/05/27 05:38:21 0 0
Can't Create account in twitter. Please help me with this.....
warrenJR 2014/05/25 23:57:49 0 0
Hi!Anyone Help me this I buy the TwitterAccountManager v2.7.3.7 but it couldn't run. Any support could help me with this. I pay this for $77 please help me regarding this.
warrenJR 2014/05/27 01:13:37 0 0
I try to run the TwitterAccountManager but the serial code that you give to me. Serial number for TwitterAccountManager is not working. States there (Sorry. your serial number is invalid or expired. Details: Refunded or Reversed). I buy that software yesterday. No refunded or reversed happened. What is this all about? I pay the software exact amount please give what i bought for or completely ask for refund.  
Zavarzin 2014/05/25 06:07:28 0 0
I just updated to a version and when I click on "Run Application" in the White Hat Box nothing happens.When I donwgrade to the previous version it opens fine, but the new one just won't open.I tried disactivating AV but that didn't solve anything.I'm on Windows 8.1 x64.Thanks
Zavarzin 2014/04/03 11:19:09 0 0
Hi, I've already posted a thread in "Report bug section" but decided to post here my problem as well as it is very urgent!So my Twitter Account Manager "Confirm Email" function doesn't work. Just in 1 minute I receive an error message instead:...
Zavarzin 2014/04/02 21:08:36 0 0
Can someone suggest me a good bot that creates email accounts to use with TAM?Thanks
yesorno 2013/05/29 07:07:38 0 0
Must reply to see this topic.
muxmkt 2014/03/29 03:29:57 0 0
 Hi, ill use TAM PRO for the first time and i have my proxies but would like to create 5 accounts per proxy and bind these proxies to these accounts. Can i set this? How?Thanks
7veils 2014/03/06 18:32:06 0 0
Can you change the email addresses associated with your twitter accounts with this?
fnatural 2014/02/01 05:09:06 0 0
Hello i would like to know does it register emails...Thanks?
Clive 2014/01/02 03:34:20 0 0
I submitted this as a Bug but it has not been picked up, so have reposted it here.Software Version:  SP 1Operating System:  Win7Operating System Bit:   32bitI am getting an Exception error when I try to update the Avatar on a single account, which has a working proxy and useragent.I have registered the DLL as suggested.Details pasted below:-See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this...
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