rtlp 2015/06/20 08:34:59 0 0
Hi,When make you a update TAM for to can update the header on twitter.this option is missing, it would be nice to give the opportunity .Thank you by advance.
pablogrk 2015/05/04 13:41:25 0 0
Hi,While trying to update the header design of the Twitter accounts, it only changes the colour of the header.There is any way to insert a picture? A folder where the system could choose from some pictures in a random mode?Also I'm finding difficulties to update the avatar images by choosing a specific folder, please accept me on Skype, I have already sent you the request ;-) ...
WhiteHatBox 2015/05/13 10:47:28 0 0
When the twitter page is not English, seems the program doesn't click the last "confirm" button, so the upload is failed, check it asap! need fix it today.
angzecheng8 2015/04/14 04:35:34 0 0
Hi,I was trying to update all the profile picture but it get stuck when software trying to upload the picture, I need to manually choose the picture and manual save it. (Well it defeat the purpose obviously)...
zagot 2015/03/30 19:07:47 0 0
i tried it with proxy and without proxy but always gettin same error :( i have fast internet connection about 50mbps....
Hailey 2015/02/10 08:12:35 0 0
Hi there,i have a few hundred new twitter accounts per day, it would be a present to update the avatar pictures automatically. But sadly it doesn't work. I import accounts, choose the option *Update avatar and design*, choose the folder with the random pictures and click on *update*. The new window opens, the tool logs into the account and now nothing happens.Big thank you for your help,...
retep 2015/03/27 02:57:58 0 0
Are these known bugs? What dimensions should I use for photos? Can't get it to update emails.Please help.Thanks.
uatsu 2015/03/09 05:40:06 0 0
Can I upgrade TAM Basic to Pro ver by pay the balance?
yoshiyasu hanabusa 2015/02/10 01:27:45 0 0
HiI was creating twitter accounts by using "Register Account".I created couple of accounts by using "Register Account" with Debug Mode, so that I could see how the screen was moving. Two Accounts were created OK and Confirm Email worked also.After That, while I was running "Register Account", I got the following image. Then, "Register Account" was finished without creating accounts....
yoshiyasu hanabusa 2015/02/15 10:58:56 0 0
Is there any way to export email password or...
yoshiyasu hanabusa 2015/02/05 18:54:35 0 0
HiRegister Account worked after I updated to v2.7.5.4.But, Confirm Email still does not work.Please Check the function.Below is the picture image after I ran Confirm Email.Please see the below picture image....
yoshiyasu hanabusa 2015/02/04 06:05:42 0 0
I updated the TAM to v2.7.5.3.After I updated, I received the following message in the status window when I ran "Register Acount"."Register failed. Reason:Variable:twitter_loginemail has no value."I was able to create twitter accounts with my yahoo.co.jp mail before.Now I can't register twitter accounts any more.Below is the imported email image and run image pictures....
tharrison 2015/01/20 13:33:22 0 0
I've seen a number of posts about email confirm not working, but what was the solution? I've tried both hotmail and emails from my own domain hosted on Host Gator. Tried with and without proxy, pop and imap. With SSL and without.Logging into my mail account I see the confirmation sitting there, but acct is still not verified.I also have GSA Search Engine Ranker on the same VPS and loading the same emails and I test the...
yoshiyasu hanabusa 2015/01/30 09:39:16 0 0
     I purchased TwitterAccountManager two days ago.I can create twitter accounts with my yahoo.co.jp mail addresss .When I create accounts, I use purchased proxy ip addresses.     However, I encountered the problem.When I run "Confirm Email" , RunLogs message shows "getting email activation link failed again".I created ten twitter accounts so far,but "Confirm Email" never works....
yoshiyasu hanabusa 2015/01/14 09:13:13 0 0
I'd like to create twitter accounts through twitter account manager pro version.I have yahoo.co.jp mail address.Is it possible to create twitter account with yahoo.co.jp mail address with twitter account manager pro version?
Jungles 2015/01/09 09:34:14 0 0
Can't update passwords for any of my accounts - http://screencast.com/t/oiakhSoJPcvIn the fact, I have lost ALL my accounts because after this - http://screencast.com/t/kzgNvxAw9jI can not manually log in in to any of my accounts!!!So, I put every account on TAP and check the status - http://screencast.com/t/LDB2BtT0VAs you see - software changed the passwords but I do not...
Jungles 2014/12/16 09:20:22 0 0
Would be great if someone could share the info about e-mails, proxies, settings, pictures and dimensions, profile etc. step by step of use of best practises of Account Creator! other vice there is a very old guide out there and it shows only basic fetures. We are missing all things how to use this tool at the best and most efficient maner!!!! Thanks! 
TJAS1234 2014/12/23 04:30:46 0 0
Hi ThereWhen I try to register an account I get the following error message:Unable to load DLL 'xul': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT:...
LikeABoss 2014/11/20 14:56:38 0 0
Like the title says is there some guide or best practices video? I was using 25 private proxies to make 50 accounts and most of them go suspended right away. Proxies are from SquidProxies.Out of 50 I only got 6 confirmed accounts the rest were suspended right away. Then I tried with two of the good accts to upload new profile and header but nothing ever happened, I did like the into guide says and only set 1 thread...
aldus 2014/12/16 08:32:11 0 0
Import Emails that are PVA and POP from SuperHAC  runs buy no proxy showing in log windowno accounts registered?  please advise.  thanks,
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