TWITTWOO 2016/11/01 07:44:01 0 0
There is a bind UserAgent setting in TAM, but you can only bind to accounts you have already created.  How do I change user agent settings for registering accounts?
Vigneshwaran 2016/10/22 10:02:18 0 0
susicox143 2016/08/18 08:00:35 0 0
Hi,I tried to create account. But on phone verification. It gives following message. There was an error sending a text to that phone number. Please try again.Please fix it.Thanks
TWITTWOO 2016/08/24 04:25:08 0 0
When I import about 40 Email accounts, and select "create 40 twitter accounts", TAM used to create about 30 twitter accounts from this.  Now with the same settings, TAM only creates about 2 or 3 twitter accounts.  I can now only get TAM to create about 2 or 3 accounts, every time I try to register accounts.
CarlosJ 2016/07/24 14:59:04 0 0
Hi ,I charge my account from your api Phone verification.but when I start to create...
kpown 2016/07/08 19:43:56 0 0
Hello,When I am using TAM to create twitter accounts  I am having many issues...First, When I import my list of 103 email accounts and begin registering accounts, TAM freezes after a bit and says not responding. I am using an 8gb ram machine and dual Xeon 8 thread cpus. I have the setting in TAM to use 4 threads only so there is no reason for this crash.Also, When I am trying to confirm emails with TAM, I get error timeout....
anazas0b 2016/06/27 09:20:40 0 0
HiI have a problem that I can not solve. The program does not perform avatar update. I used debug mode where no twitter load take place, only blank browserI have uninstalled the program, no help. I have uninstalled whitehatbox and deleted everything including back up and program files, reinstalled and stays the same.I need urgent help, this is taking place for the last 7...
anazas0b 2016/06/08 21:31:49 0 0
HiIs there away to filter Locked (Suspended)  accounts from list either in TAM or TAP and delete them from the accounts list. If not, it would be very useful to add such function.'Thanks
anazas0b 2016/05/31 02:30:11 0 0
HiThe newly released TAM version is unstable and keep hanging all the time. Revered back to older version using recovery and its working now but obviously with the save option to file after created accounts.Can you have a look please
susicox143 2016/05/28 07:21:26 0 0
Hi,I started to create accounts. I have added balance in phone verification. But it is not creating any account. It is stuck on phone number.What to do in this case?Thank you
cashkill23 2016/05/14 07:05:51 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version: update both software to work directly to eachother. Cant import acounts in tweets attack 4 pro(CSV).
anazas0b 2016/05/23 11:36:42 0 0
Hiplease help, TAM stopped working and when I restarted the program all categories and account created are lost. It does not show on TAM.How to recover lost data?Thanks for your help.
anazas0b 2016/05/15 01:59:20 0 0
I cant  create even single account because of this issue, I have used  public proxies, shared, private, sequential proxies with not success.I checked phone verification by whitehatbox, signed up for account and still cant get it to work and register.Any help please
cashkill23 2016/05/14 05:27:09 0 0
Can you add a way to retry failed acount creations and change proxy if its fail because of proxy connection errors?Many times i run retries of acount creations and it sometimes work good after 2 or more times.So a way in every part of creations and edits of bio, retry or change proxy when change all avatars and pics and bios..
rtlp 2016/05/08 09:25:44 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:,The api for phone number account verification no work during the account creation.My balance is OK.Can you help me please.
anazas0b 2016/05/11 23:09:06 0 0
TAM does not use proxy setting on debug, please help
cashkill23 2016/05/05 10:28:00 0 0
When doubleclick created acount, open up browser and show twitter acount first page.
cashkill23 2016/05/05 10:30:55 0 0
Where to see exactly what is error in failed update?. Bio, pic, design. It just say update failed!
cashkill23 2016/05/05 10:38:29 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:windows 10 enterpriseTime out error after changing profile pic.Check and update!
cashkill23 2016/04/26 09:00:57 0 0
Why not make a function to add keyword driven bios?  scrape google or twitter for bios/tweets and spin them for software? 
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