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zhoucongcq 2013/09/29 01:39:43 0 0
WhiteHatBox 2015/05/07 08:45:36 0 0
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Botonrojo 2018/04/04 06:10:03 0 0
Everytime i try to register *create* accounts, using gmail, it starts the thread and it stops, it dosent create anything
YODOSHINE 2018/05/26 11:24:30 0 0
I didnt find any button to close thisBTW,is there any chinese Tech support on skype or something I can talk with?
CoNaN 2018/05/02 23:24:51 0 0
So, i am trying to register accounts and added my sms pva account, but, when it shows that it needs phone verification it endsI have 10$ on my whitehatbox phone service and I've put my password & username. even I try with PVASms still it automaticly...
Botonrojo 2018/04/06 06:05:03 0 0
So, i am trying to register accounts and added my sms pva account, but, when it shows that it needs phone verification it ends
JoellekeB 2018/03/09 03:23:28 0 0
How to fix this? I use in WhiteHatBox phone verify service.I got it loaded with 15$, but still got errors like these: Register failed. Reason:Need receive code from a call. Please help asap I bought something I can't make use of...
zsero 2018/02/09 22:21:47 0 0
None of my user agents is working, is there any user agent that actually works?
zsero 2018/02/08 23:09:14 0 0
Do I need to pay for an API ID for every account I'm creating or just one to create a bulk?
zsero 2018/02/07 21:55:18 0 0
When I add the accounts, email, and phone, does the software auto verify it via sms?
angus007 2018/01/10 07:02:09 0 0
http://prntscr.com/hy9jrqI have bulk accounts they need the phone entering action! Do anyone know how to solve it?
lucamarconcini 2018/01/02 20:03:09 0 0
Hi and happy new year at all. So, when I try to create accounts, TAM can't go over the phone call. How can I do?
Justin F 2018/01/13 04:14:52 0 0
Hey guys so I need to import a list of email addresses and passwords to register for twitter in TAMany idea how I can quickly create these emails? whats the best way?
Moobs 2017/12/21 10:02:35 0 0
Hi, I recently installed and tried to create account using TAM, but the program does not appear to work properly. While in debug mode the creator loads the signup page, enters a username and email, then timeouts. For some reason the program is getting hung up and not entering a password.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
asdf6969 2017/10/11 01:48:52 0 0
If I do not have my email, can not I get an ID?I just need an ID that only pushes Retweet and Heart.Therefore, e-mail authentication is not required.
asdf6969 2017/10/13 22:53:03 0 0
i want to use Twitter Account manager
rtlp 2015/05/16 05:38:35 0 0
Operating System:Windows 8.1Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version: i try of input new name on my accounts, the program give me a network error.When i try of input new avatar, the program work correctly.Can you fix this BUG please....
seo 2017/07/14 11:27:55 0 0
Hello There,I imported an account into TAM, but the update Bio gives a network error and the "update appearance" logs in without issue, but then fails with the error of "Did not find the controls." I would appreciate if this could be corrected :).
seo 2017/07/14 10:44:21 0 0
Hey There,I just registered an account manually in my browser, and I had the option to click a link that says "Skip", is there any way you could make TAM click that link rather than just saying the account registration failed?So far, everything seems to be working fine.
cashkill23 2017/06/17 17:31:22 0 0
PLease update software or make new from scratch that can handle regiister acounts!I buy for testing 5 yahoo acounts. All work to create twitter acount as every email is registered at twitter and i get emails in these acounts from twitterBut not a single one is marked sucessfull in software. They just not registered with sms verification. All with calls. Please really make a change in software so we ccan create at least 1...
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