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zhoucongcq 2013/09/29 01:39:43 0 0
WhiteHatBox 2015/05/07 08:45:36 0 0
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谷军 2020/01/20 21:20:19 0 0
optimum 2019/12/09 06:30:51 0 0
The program keep's failing registration because it "Failed to login to Mail". I'm assuming that the problem is because when the program tries to log into the email it is forced to enter a recovery emails/Secret Answer to enter however it doesn't look like the program supports that. When can this be fixed?
glexneil 2019/09/18 22:53:53 0 0
Twitter registration is not working. Please see the video:https://www.dropbox.com/s/opwn11w5vv7px1b/IMG_4246.MOV?dl=0
ihrajcom 2019/09/15 02:56:41 0 0
update pass not work 
litzia nuñez 2019/03/28 00:24:54 1 0
hello how are you, I have problems to create with the accound manager twitter accountsI get this error when I enter the email27/03/2019 10:21:02 a. m. Thread(3): Start to register...27/03/2019 10:23:33 a. m. Thread(3): Register failed. Reason:PageLoadWaitOperate Timeouthelp me plis
litzia nuñez 2019/03/29 07:28:37 0 0
Will you have a recent user manual with version you
BEST KYZ 2019/02/09 15:15:29 0 0
I can't update my profile and avatars.Always the program stops after login.Please help me.2019/02/09 16:07:06 Thread(3): Start to update avatar and design...2019/02/09 16:07:06 Thread(1): Start to update avatar and design...2019/02/09 16:07:06 Thread(2): Start to update avatar and design...2019/02/09 16:07:11 Thread(2): Loading twitter login page......
egekilinc 2018/12/28 01:43:43 0 0
I'm getting stuck at "We sent you a code" verification code, the program just gets stuck here. Nothing happens, and I don't even receive a verification code to the email. So is there a issue with the software or am I doing something wrong?Thanks, 
vezecs 2018/12/06 23:42:30 0 0
Hello,Does anyone manage to create accounts with this program?I tried on 2 pc's and got the same problem .... Gets stucked at "Start to register...".This is like my 5th time I try to make something with this program but I see it useless.Still creating accounts aren't with proxy .. How to select proxy when creating accounts?
翟安鹏 2018/12/27 16:06:25 0 0
Can I use it on different computers?
erol köse 2018/10/27 18:19:25 1 0
I tried everything with account manager it stucks at page where sign up button appers its not click and says after 5 mins TIMEOUT...  i just paid a program it doesnt work properly ?
Victor Kituku 2018/09/27 23:09:34 0 0
Hi, My search module is working but it brings me old tweets...how do i get it to work in real-time. Like reply a few minutes after the user has tweeted something. Please help?
Botonrojo 2018/04/04 06:10:03 0 0
Everytime i try to register *create* accounts, using gmail, it starts the thread and it stops, it dosent create anything
YODOSHINE 2018/05/26 11:24:30 0 0
I didnt find any button to close thisBTW,is there any chinese Tech support on skype or something I can talk with?
CoNaN 2018/05/02 23:24:51 0 0
So, i am trying to register accounts and added my sms pva account, but, when it shows that it needs phone verification it endsI have 10$ on my whitehatbox phone service and I've put my password & username. even I try with PVASms still it automaticly...
Botonrojo 2018/04/06 06:05:03 0 0
So, i am trying to register accounts and added my sms pva account, but, when it shows that it needs phone verification it ends
JoellekeB 2018/03/09 03:23:28 0 0
How to fix this? I use in WhiteHatBox phone verify service.I got it loaded with 15$, but still got errors like these: Register failed. Reason:Need receive code from a call. Please help asap I bought something I can't make use of...
zsero 2018/02/09 22:21:47 0 0
None of my user agents is working, is there any user agent that actually works?
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