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ioiodani 2018/10/25 01:22:32 1 0
Created a bunch of accounts with AmazonChief. With binding proxies. Problem is Amazon is asking for an email verification for every account each time I try to login.Does anyone know how do I get the email verification code from the automated emails at qq.com?
amoss_swe 2018/09/20 22:46:37 0 0
Since there is no documentation on how to set it up properly, I′m willing to pay someone for help to set it up. Contact me on skype: budhasweregards
Macaco Eu 2018/10/10 07:04:05 0 0
Hello, I would like to know if I could work with other marketplaces. Maybe doing a custom programming. submarino.com....
WhiteHatBox 2018/08/18 10:24:35 2 0
Hi everyone, we just released AmazonChief today, you can check more details athttp://www.amazonchief.comWe are making videos to show you how to use it.Videos will come and be posted at there soon...
suwubee001 2018/09/06 10:03:43 0 0
I update proxy, but none of them used when task started
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