jhoncantal 2018/08/10 13:37:38 0 0
hello i want to delete my account AND MY ALL INFORMATION on this forum its possible ? THANKS
Flash0rXXL 2018/08/16 09:41:31 0 0
Im trying to use the Play Album loop on Spotify Task.Everything works good, but after the skipping, at clicks on the play button again, and then it stops.it dont need to click on the play button after the first time when it starts to play the album.can you fix this task?the goal has to beOpen Album Link --- Click Play --- count Playtime for example 45-60 seconds --- click SKIP button ---count again Play...
PrePatcher 2018/08/16 02:10:08 0 0
Hi,I can't log in any of my Spotify accounts. When I get past the captchas Spotify says the login data is incorrect even though I can log in from a normal Browser just fine.The problem only occurs when using the integrated Browser in AIOStream.Btw, I have tried both manual and automatic mode and nothing worked.
Gnambadomi 2018/08/19 18:21:00 0 0
hi I need help for configuration I followed all but something wrong I don’t know where
lasdoulours 2018/08/04 06:21:39 0 0
Hello i find french customer , i want many discussion with french people of this software ... because my english is limited  je cherche des utilisateurs francais du logiciels , si vous voyez ce message contactez moi ... ca...
witch14000 2018/08/04 01:59:08 0 0
Hello,Big problem with the new version of aiostream.Since the update spotify no longer works at all properly.When he opens my page he puts a dog picture before and then my music, then not even play 30 seconds and quit while returning to the beginning while with the old version I had no problems.And it possible to put back the old version or the correction because the ca does not work any more ...Thank you in advance...
lasdoulours 2018/08/10 13:24:50 0 0
BOnjour j'ai plus ou moins réussi a faire marcher ce logiciel , je ne sais pas comment jy suis arriver en fait , et quand je regarde les statistiques il me dit que seulement 18 vues on était enregistrer pour ce temps , c'est normal pour une chanson de 3 minutes avec 10 lecteurs en marche ?I have more or less managed to run this software, I do not know how I get there in fact, and when I look at statistics it tells me that only 18 views...
lasdoulours 2018/08/10 05:25:47 0 0
I want help for the softwareits too complicated for me i create this video step by step for you see my error voilà je ne comprend pourquoi je n'arrive pas a le faire fonctionner j'ai fait une vidéo pour plus de détails ...
tunesontunes 2018/07/26 03:42:35 0 0
It seems like there is some kind of bug right now on the platform. When selecting the Playlist Cycle, the bot isn't playing songs from the current playlist. Instead, it's playing songs from a previous time. Is there any kind of fix for this yet?
Meescha08 2018/07/31 02:00:33 0 0
It would be nice if the chrome popups would have an invisible options, they keep poping up while im trying to do something and i have to alt tab abck to what i was working on
Meescha08 2018/07/30 22:23:50 0 0
Anyone know how to disable sound in aiostream? its greyed out for me 
beat-the-bastard 2018/05/11 07:15:27 2 0
Hi Have trouble to connect my spotify account Verification failure have test with another plateform Napster is working good Can you help  me to log my spotify account thx in advance  
bugativeyron406 2018/07/25 06:41:36 0 0
I did a task with the template 'Play album - play once' when I run it opens the browser and stays in the login screen of spotify and close the screen, I used manual and automatic verification and none works, after a few seconds the following message appears. 'the task has been finished'
Thabo West 2018/07/12 19:41:58 1 0
Does it create accounts that you can use to follow a certain artist or playlist? Let's say maybe 1000 followers and how many streams can it generate in a day?
Flash0rXXL 2018/07/16 12:25:01 0 0
Hii only need a tast, that i can enter a playlist, with for example 300 Songs, and the bot will login with an account, start to play the playlist from track 1 to 300 and for example after 60 seconds it skips the song to the next song, and the after 60 seconds skips again to the next song in the playlist, and when it reached to the last song, it logs out and uses the next account and stat again the playlist from the first song till the last song....
xdxdxdxdxd 2018/07/12 03:25:17 1 0
also what type of proxies do i need?
wesleygj 2018/06/22 05:04:47 0 0
I'm having some problems with the tasks, I'm not getting any:Apparently the account is connecting  ...
Thabo West 2018/07/12 19:47:15 0 0
I also wanna know about Deezer. How many streams can be generated in a day?
tunesontunes 2018/07/02 13:22:39 1 0
I see that there is a task for following a playlist, but I can't seem to get it working even with filling out the management data and user accounts. Can someone point me towards a tutorial?            
submit@strictlyhiphoppromo.com 2018/07/07 22:38:55 0 0
Hey!Is there a function for playlist plays for the account to start at the beginning of the playlist when reloaded? At this time the account starts where they left off from previously used. Thanks
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