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treshz73 2018/06/24 03:33:03 0 0
Daniel001 2018/05/22 08:05:17 0 0
Hello guys,I Have sat for hrs now trying to set this up and can't find any help or videos of anything related to spotify streaming and how to set it up?That's all i wish to use it for so if anyone could give me some instructions it would be greatly appreciated :)
johngarcia80 2018/06/20 11:28:23 0 0
I just purchased this to use for spotify plays. I created 3 spotify accounts to test how it works. Followed the video tutorials and nothing. Tried importing text file in formatt (email, password, proxy:port) and not verifying. I tried typing in manually and I keep getting a window that pops up and says "connection interrupted, The document contains no data" Im completely lost and need to boost plays. Even when I try to start tasks, it shows complete...
johngarcia80 2018/06/21 06:22:34 0 0
I unchecked Debug window in both Accounts and tasks settings. But the windows keep popping up during tasks and playing the song. This annoying. Why is it still showing up? I tried restarting program and it still does the same thing. 
Alexandre Almeida de Souza 2018/06/09 11:38:29 1 0
Hi there,I just configured my initial Spotify tasks to run, but I noticed that the system is opening Spotify window but the songs are not being played.In other words, It is reaching spotify page in the desired URL but I can hear no songs being executed.Any tip for a newbie?Thanks
leekthough 2018/06/10 20:31:16 0 0
I use a template and I do all the modifications for example I use the play track once template and I make sure everything is good in advanced settings but when I play it I just get a black box where the Spotify url is suppose to be so I'm guessing it works when it wants to. How do I get it to be consistent because it doesn't work half the time and some times it does. please help
beat-the-bastard 2018/06/10 18:11:57 0 0
Hi is possible to add option for programing total play to reachWas be great Thx in advance
Korg7588 2018/06/02 01:14:33 1 0
I bought your bot but I found that is not completely finalized. Several tasks are not working properly.For example the task follow artists do just go until the account validation and then close the bot definitely. No navigator is opening to follow the artist provided in the data file. The log said however that the task was successfull!!!!Any help there?
WhiteHatBox 2018/04/14 00:41:19 1 0
We are going to release a new music marketing software named AIOStream.AIOStream is a revolutionary music marketing software, it can increaseyour songs' views, followers and likes etc. in a very short time.AIOStream can also upload, play, follow, share, comment and like a batchof songs, lists and users etc. AIOStream always keep improvement withupdate everyday and it will greatly enhance your exposure on...
edwardtoys2 2018/05/11 09:36:20 0 0
i might be interested in buying your product. I've been a loyal customer and brought the tube assist and the follow thing for Instagram  even though I only use the tube assist since follow thing wasn't really helpful lol... But my question for this AIOStream is that will it allow me to send messages and comments on peoples profiles? I know the soundcloud site might think you are spamming when you send messages/comments at a time. Also, will you have more videos of you using...
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