josemurgi 2018/10/18 15:54:41 1 0
How do you recover to the previous version?hdhdh
underearthtruth 2018/10/12 19:55:45 0 0
I'm facing an issue! After the new updates spotify verification is working really bad. Only first 5 or 6 accounts will get verified and all the rest will fail. All the rest verifications will return with this error. I think the old method was way better where the debug window opened up and not the chrome. Is this happening with others too?...
goregloom 2018/10/18 08:31:49 0 0
Hello, As I understand it, your product "binds"  to a single machine making it unable to run on another. My question is, can I install and run AIO stream inside of a virtual machine that's hosted by the original machine that the product was "registered" to.
jonathon 2018/10/19 03:47:45 0 0
What is the promo code to get the discount offered currently ?
Flash0rXXL 2018/10/05 07:24:07 0 0
None of the Deezer Tasks are working. At the sales pages it says also Deezer playlist plays but it's not working. What now??
Macaco Eu 2018/10/05 02:15:03 0 0
First: I saved the birthday ticket because paypal did not work when I went to buy. Can I use it to get the discount?Second: How many ideal accounts to have good results and not draw much attention from spotfy?Third: What is the recommended amount of plays per day per account?Fourth: You do not respond by skype = /
witch14000 2018/10/04 23:42:04 0 0
Hello,I have a problem with spotify, instead of listening to my track it puts the one of snoop dog?It had already done it once with a dog picture and you had fixed the problem.Thanks in advance for your help.Cordially.Seb
witch14000 2018/09/07 17:11:19 0 0
Hello, there is a big problem with deezer.Il is a premium advertisement that prevents the software from load.By advance thank you to solve this problem
Jimmi 2018/10/05 00:21:00 0 0
Hello,Some accounts randomly search for the word "DOG". I have changed the proxies, songs, playlist and albums and the same thing keeps happening to me. The 1st reproduction does it well and later searches for the word "DOG". Attachment screenshot. I need a solution please! Thank you!
Testuser 2018/10/01 14:33:05 0 0
Is it possible to de-install the software on a server and reinstall it on a new server (completely different hardware)?I'm asking about this hardwareID that is given to me
m4123proton 2018/09/27 03:33:56 0 0
Hi, I was looking to automate my SoundCloud likes and follows.I'd like my one account (only want to use one) to automatically follow and like songs that are posted under certain tags.How can I achieve this?
alpha007 2018/09/25 19:33:57 0 0
hello everyone, please if anyone use vps , i need some information how it works....thanks.
Gnambadomi 2018/09/22 18:32:25 0 0
Hi I use 39 accounts and I do only 300 views how is it possible ?Each one play 60s39 accounts on my vps 40giga ram All accounts play normally and at the end of day I got only 300 views I supposed to get normally 30.000 and more
goregloom 2018/09/23 01:14:51 0 0
I keep getting this in the log, when trying to set up a repeat track task. 
alpha007 2018/09/19 01:42:53 0 0
hello everyone. i try to run a spotify task with 1 account and it doesnt work. it says the task has been finished. i followed all instructions. and the account is verified.. and already cleared data cache and started again. but always same issue. so please if anyone know what im doing wrong... help me. thanks
sauceonu12 2018/09/20 23:21:34 0 0
Hey there, I finally got the Spotify verification to go through with the update, thanks for the help with all that! Now, I believe I set up everything right according to your videos, I'm running a test with 1 Spotify account and 1 playlist. I ran the "Playlist Loop" function on it, but not sure if it's actually working. I want the account to just loop through the playlist, and I set it to listen to each song for 34 seconds. Was wondering if you could take a look at these screensho...
sauceonu12 2018/09/12 04:08:58 0 0
Hey there, I'm new to AIOstream and learning how it all works. I think I've set everything up right based off of the videos, but AIO seems to run into trouble when verifying the Spotify account I'm trying to use. If I could receive any help on verifying the Spotify account it would be much appreciated. When I hit "Start" on the Accounts Management tab, the Spotify API comes up but then at the bottom I recieve "...
tunesontunes 2018/09/19 02:49:59 0 0
It seems like some of the tasks are working like before, but some aren't still. Is it the same functionality as before or did Spot make a big change which would have disrupted a lot of the tasks?            
redundanz 2018/09/06 02:34:17 0 0
Sorry for posting here, but I cant open a new ticket because the site is not working. Since the new update 2capture is not working anymore. Only manual is working for validating new accounts. Another problem is that the streams do not work anymore. Some accounts wont start playing.
ALX123MX 2018/07/22 01:58:00 0 0
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