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emmazhouzhou 2018/04/26 15:56:10 2 0
Aprilcaicai 2018/09/08 16:07:25 0 0
Aprilcaicai 2018/09/08 16:30:50 0 0
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witch14000 2018/11/12 22:01:15 0 0
Hello,I have a problem with spotify.When I ask spotify to stop the music at 40 seconds it stops me well but the window takes at least 2 minutes to go away and so does not read again after this time?Can you tell me what's coming, please?Thank you in advance
wesleygj 2018/06/22 05:04:47 0 0
I'm having some problems with the tasks, I'm not getting any:Apparently the account is connecting  ...
goregloom 2018/11/13 14:24:00 0 0
Would be nice if the main window had an "always on top" function, often i'm more interested in watching the main window, or setting up a new task. This can be challenging with chrome windows spamming over the top
tacoflix 2018/10/13 03:51:00 0 0
Love what I've seen so far. Would love if you guys could add TIDAL as another module option.Thanks =)
Karmagedon 2018/11/04 02:46:33 0 0
Is there any functionality for registering accounts in this program? Where to get accounts? Do you have any software for registering accounts so that you can use them in AIOStream?
josemurgi 2018/10/18 01:08:07 1 0
goregloom 2018/11/13 10:43:50 0 0
several times now, April has recommended squidproxy.com so I hope its safe to discuss them here. my question is which proxy option to use?I understand that dedicated proxy's offer a guarantee but the shared proxy's are so much more affordable.  is anyone using shared proxys?has anyone found a more affordable option?
shibiru199x 2018/11/12 21:18:03 0 0
Peace all, I found out about Aiostream through a friend. This friend told me it was possible to monetize the streams that come from Aiostream if done correctly. He also told me that it tricks the algorithm Into putting your song(s) into top playlists and things like that. I have a few concerns though. I want a million Spotify Plays for my Artists Music, what are the settings to do you recommend to achieve this results?  What time span should I have it all pan out over? I am...
Gnambadomi 2018/11/08 09:36:37 0 0
Many people want to know how get more view with AOstream today I will give you a method and what do you need for.1- first your vps you should have a vps me I use a 30gbI paid here actually I use 30Gb ram if you can pay more it’s also goodBecause the bot use a lot of ram for run http://serverhosh.com/2-I pay proxy...
jonathon 2018/10/19 03:51:11 0 0
Hello, I want to sign up for your software. I have a CSV file currently with 10,000 Spotify accounts. I am using 10 proxies with these accounts. Is it easy to import these 10,000 accounts to your platform?I saw in another post that you recommended 1 account per 1 proxy. That's crazy. That would cost me $15,000 per month to run 10,000 accounts. ...
Christos Mavridis 2018/10/24 08:29:04 0 0
Hello everyone,I am very new to this.I have an iMac pro 14cores, 64GB ram, 8GB you with 1Gb/s download and upload speed from my internet provider and I have installed Windows 10 pro on it.I would like to know how to:1) Collect Spotify accounts2) A place to purchase good proxies3) Hire someone experienced/familiar with the AIO to help me set it up for me one time and show me around the system and how to use itThank you in advance,Chris
alpha007 2018/10/10 09:19:01 0 0
hello everyone,i have a question about how spotify count streams/plays.if 1 account repeat same song all day, does spotify count only 1 stream ? since its a unique user who listen and repeat the song all the day...or does it count multiple streams and doesnt matter if its same account with same proxy who repeat the song..?I hope u get my question... thanks.
josemurgi 2018/10/20 04:45:45 0 0
3days and nothing..... i recovery to las version and no work. new version no work.... 
josemurgi 2018/10/26 05:27:35 0 0
when it starts and at a time I got this...
witch14000 2018/10/22 21:45:30 0 0
Hello, I have a big problem with spotify. The software changes music loop without pressing play. Can you see the problem please.Thank you
crazymouse 2018/10/20 20:09:05 0 0
hi1.I wish to know if I have guaranteed to my money if it does not work for a few days, if I'll get my money back (for the current plan tat i bought) like , if i bought 1 year and it stop working after 6 month , if i will get my money back for the rest 6 months?i want to try for 1 month but the price between 1 month and 1 year does not make senseplease back to me because I have fallen with few SoundCloud bots in the past ...
josemurgi 2018/10/18 15:54:41 1 0
How do you recover to the previous version?hdhdh
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